Stucco Question

I just found elevated levels of moisture on interior of stucco wall. This is stucco on block wall of a new home in Jacksonville Fl area. Home owner had reported water stains on block wall in garage area near the ceiling (two story). Stains were visible and my moisture meter read a high level of moisture. I noticed on the exterior that it had been repaired (a crack in stucco). Weep holes in stucco bottom end look like they are painted over. The upstairs windows also show an elevated level of moisture around the frame of the window. I inspected the attic and did not see any signs of leaks. This is the only wall showing moisture. I do not use an inforead camera.
Should I reccomend the wall be reworked? How can we find the source of the water intrusion? Please advise.

IR can assist in identifying the source. It is not the end all inspection tool. Advise you/owner consult/hire a member of EDI familiar with proper stucco installation techniques and possessing IR equipment to further evaluate to identify source of moisture and maybe instruct on remedial action necessary.

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Source of intrusion!

Block wall with no moisture barrier,stucco to thin,cracks in joints of the blocks,no real way to flash windows,pee coat of paint! Imo

Do you have some pics?


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See if the builder is still building in the area go look at what they are doing before the plastering is done after the moisture barrier and lath are on the second story!

It will give you some insight for the future!

I do not agree with all of the info in this article but for the most part it is a good read!