Moisture stains on vapor barrier

I was doing an inspection today on a 2003 build home in Southern California with stucco exterior wall coverings. I noticed these moisture stains on some of the exposed areas in the garage and attic. There also appeared to be two different types of barriers. A brown kraft paper and a black heavy mil barrier. I’m not sure what to make of it. There were no indications of pathways for moisture on the exterior. I know stucco is porous but are these stains common and why the two different barriers? I do not want to make something out of nothing.

Any insight is greatly appreciated

I would defer that for more invasive inspection, something isn’t right. Is the first pic of the exterior wall? what did they use for sheathing?

Yep. That’s the exterior garage wall. The second picture is on the same side of the house in the attic. The third pic is the attic exterior wall on the opposite side, that has the heavy black barrier.

It looks like drywall, you said it is just a kraft like barrier? was there sheathing behind it?