Student Discussion: How to Inspect the Exterior Course

Next on my way to learn about the exterior. Jeremy from PA

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Nice! Thanks for posting.

I found that it is very important to take your time with the exterior portion of the inspection. This is where we might be able to tie up any defects we find inside and potentially relate it to an issue we see on the exterior.


Don’t let the size of this course fool you. A good amount of this lesson is a recap of previous lessons as well as new material. This is great to test the knowledge of what was already gone over and introduce new material that ties a lot of it together. Like the previous comment before me, you should really take your time and take notes. There is a lot of information in this lesson and definitely helps to understand what defects to look out for.


That is why i like the courses they throw a little bit of each course at you. So, when you do start another course you have a little bit of idea. If you didn’t before you started. A 1

Third course on my journey here and I feel like I’m hitting my stride. The videos are very helpful in my opinion.

Learning on the computer has always been a challenge for me, but they break down just about everything so well! Im still a hands on type of learner but the course does help!

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Yes, I am on my 5th module now, just starting this one. I like the format, like others have mentioned about material overlapping so you get the course material a few times.

I am grateful that a few components overlap. This causes me to have reinforcement on what I have learned.

These classes are great! I’m just starting this one, so any advise would be greatly appreciated. TIA

Completed the course of study. Learned a lot. Course was very well organized and easy to follow. Love the videos of the inspections.

I also have a hard time with technology. I also agree this course is very user friendly.

Getting going on this course.

Finishing this up!

Starting the exterior course to begin this new career!