I’m going to be in Chicago this month on the 28,29, and 30 and was wondering if there are any inspection related courses/classes going on?

I can teach Chicago 101.
Call me when in town and I will buy your first one.

Our chapter meeting is on the 15th.

If Inspecting one of those days, you are welcome to ride along.

Ditto. Call me and we can ride around and look at interesting stuff.

When I happen along Chicago, Ill give you guys a call. :slight_smile:

Always willing to help. As with Bob, ride along, if I have a job, of a ride about. It’s really interesting what you can find, simetimes, just riding around.

Here is an example:

Newer building (less than a year), with limestone sills and trim and a brick veneer (common two wythe wall). Please note all the efflorescence under the sills. No flashing installed. Pretty usual around here. Also, there was flashing above the lintels and weep wicks, buyt the space between the lintels and the overhanging brick was caulked so the water had no way of exiting and it just overflows the flashing, thus the efflorescence on the side wall brick.

And, people wonder why their windows are leaking above. Go figure.

efflorescence new building.jpg

Just to get this straight.

Are you saying they pulled the wicks and caulked the weep holes? (could swear I see the wicks)

Looking forward to the new water penetration presentation ,by the way.

(edit)Actually I see what you mean now but will leave this question in for others if you wish to elaberate.