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This thread is dedicated to the students currently enrolled in InterNACHI’s free, online “How To Perform Deck Inspections Course.”

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My 4th course this weekend. Not usually the way I work, but these have been good so far.


Good for you, Ralph. Great course and instructor as well.
Decks I have found, through the years inspecting, will have the most building and safety defects. Many die and are injured yearly.
You will be writing up decks often so pay attention to the course material.
Any questions, reach out to Ben and good luck.

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This has been one of my favorite courses so far. There have been plenty of mini videos that give a visual demonstration of what is being discussed. One question I have though, relates to the last video where Ben is inspecting a deck. What app is being used to take measurements using only the camera on his phone? That looks really useful!

Hi, @sgraybeal. It’s the “measure” app on my iPhone. Use the Measure app on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch - Apple Support

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Ah. Ok. Small problem. I have a Samsung phone. lol

Ha. :grin: @sgraybeal, I think it’s the same app. Visit

Hello Will be stating this class now. I’m looking forward to learning

95% of the decks I inspected have issues so take good notes and make a check list to make sure you check everything until you’re comfortable inspecting decks.

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I also have noticed many issues with decks, mostly with the ledger board connection of the deck to the structure.

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For sure, and that’s a critical area for inspecting.

you have to put in the work but each courses certification is definitely a reward

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Great to hear, @rgonzalezviau.

I really like this app

Hi All
I love that there are no statistics indicating weather. Deck failures occur more often when built by a homeowner for when built by a contractor.

It tells you that the contractors building decks are no more knowledgeable about how to do it than your average homeowner…

and of course, the fact that every deck I have ever looked at has multiple deficiencies in framing, flashing, ledger board connection, deck fasteners, hand rails and guards, stair riser connections to headers, stair landing joist and rim joist bearing, etc, etc, etc,

I lookedvat a $3 million home this week, and it had about 1 dozen code violations/deviations from the plans. it is just crazy how bad the construction quality is today, and has been for the past 15 to 20 years, at least…

Eyes wide open! Stay current!!
Read IRC Chapter 5, Decks!!

Happy Inspecting Mates!!
Robert V Knowles PE
Knowles Inspection Services LLC
Founder/CEO - National Association of Homeowners
INACHI Member 10+ Years!!

Great course. A lot of good material!

On my way to inspect some decks. Jeremy PA

this may seem like a silly question, but ill ask it anyway… there is a section within the course about performing deck inspections. once we have learned the material in that section and passed the exam does it qualify us to inspect decking.
Or do we follow the link provided and become certified at deck inspections this way.
sorry if it seems like a silly question.

From my understanding, the section within the home inspection course is strictly to teach us how to identify the criteria we are required to inspect during a home inspection only. It does not certify us to determine if the deck is structurally sound and if anything needs replacement. Remember, a home inspector is not a professional in any of these areas. The best thing to do as a home inspector is recommend that a professional takes a closer look at something if we see it is not right (wood planks look like they are rotting, recommend having a professional take a look to determine the severity)

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