Studor vent in CA?

Any thoughts on this. Converted garage to living space, and all the plumbing is on the outside wall. The vent is for a laundry sink and washing machine. It drains to the right the sewer. I don’t believe Studor vents are allowed in CA. Am I right?

So what does CA have against the Studor brand? Are other manufacturers allowed to be used in CA?

Well, even if AAV’s are illegal in CA, it’s a simple fix. Remove the useless (2-3 year lifespan) AAV and continue the vent ‘stack’ to 6 inches above the roofline. Easy peasy!

Oh, don’t forget to obtain that permit!

Here you go Frank.

I know that the jurisdiction where i apprenticed as an electrician (central cali) they were used, but as far as I know cali still doesn’t approve of them because they are mechanical, and thereby subject to failure. I would call it out, but not as a MAJOR defect.

See these all the time in SF and older modified homes. Take pictures and note it in report.

Great link. Thanks

Some muni’s in CA do allow AAV’s, check out your local Req’s at the AHJ to learn more. Plumbing on the outside of that building is subject to damage, and the supply is both subject to damage and not insulated. Where I’ve run into a few permitted re-pipes @ exterior, other req’s would still apply for spacing between hot / cold and title 24/insulation.

I see AAV’s all the time here in the ten Southern California counties, in both remodeled old construction and brand new construction.

I note that they are mechanical devices subject to failure like any mechanical device.

Other than that, I don’t make a big deal out of them because the California Plumbing Code allows “Engineered Vent Systems”—see Section 911.0. That section references Section 301.4 which basically leaves approval of any “Alternative Engineered Design” up to the Authority Having Jurisdiction. Section 911.0 also references Section 901.2 regarding “Trap Seal Protection.”