Plumbing Vent Termination

I’m getting ready to submit one of my inspections for review and ran into a question. The plumbing vents in the residence do not penetrate the housing exterior. One ends in the attic and the other ends in the basement. Should I just recommend a professional plumber be called?

For sure they could have some very serious dificulties .
I think you must have been away from class the day they talked about this .
More education for you could not hurt .

Studor vents do not require penetration outside the building. However, most AHJ limit the use of such vents to kitchen islands and other such areas where an exterior penetration isn’t practical. There should be at least one vent outside. I would write it up.

So… Oatey vents (aka… “AAV” Air Admittance Valves) would be acceptable??? :p:twisted::mrgreen:

I was there that day for class. I was just curious as to the best way to write it up I guess. You’re right though, a little more education could never hurt anybody. I’ll look into some additional plumbing courses. Perhaps you should check out Hooked on Phonics.

Ok thanks. I’ve seen the studor vents before in kitchen islands but these vents are just the result of laziness I think. They are in areas that shouldn’t present much of a problem in regards to penetrating the exterior. I’ll write it up just to be safe. Thanks again.

If they are acceptable in a kitchen cabinet, why wouldn’t they be acceptable in an attic?

But, like I said, most AHJs want to see the plumbing vents penetrate the roof and restrict AAV vents to locations where they are impractical to vent outside.

So are we discussing this with Joe the HI, or Joe the AHJ?

It would also be prudent to mention that AAV’s need to be installed in areas with access. Typical lifespan of an AAV is just a few years. I feel that info should be notated in the report also.

Does an attic have access?

Doesn’t mean the AAV does!

As an AHJ, I would not allow it in an attic. Others would, I suspect, because I can think of nothing off-hand to prohibit it. (Someone may point something out to me…I haven’t researched it.)

I have spoken with plumbers about this and they see no issue if it is in an unpractical location.

The IRC permits individual branch or stack vents to terminate at an AAV, but the waste piping system they are connected to still must have at least one vent up through the roof to the outside …

AAV’s have to remain accessible, and if in an attic must be 6" above any insulation.