Stupid plumbing photos

Lets see who has the best stupid plumber pics. Here are a couple from me.
Seems to be no shortage of plumber follies. :smiley:

They all look like homeowner specials or handi hacks to me I dont know a plumber out there that would do anything like those photos.

Oh this will be good! I can’t wait to put my best one on.

The last one is not so bad if you mean the hangers Sean.

Good start to cabinet frames:)

This was just from this last week same house licensed plumber
1.Nice cross connect from the water softener drain
2.Washing machine drain line no P-trap

4418 W Rupe Enid 1-17-12 098.jpg

4418 W Rupe Enid 1-17-12 100.jpg

4418 W Rupe Enid 1-17-12 097.jpg

Some Plumbers say we are not qualified to point this stuff out because the know so much more…lol

Not to worry Bob everyone knows ya can teach a monkey how to pass the plumbing test:D:D

All you need to remember is crap runs down hill and Air must be before water.
Congratulations you passed you are allowed to wear your pants low and show off that pimpled ***. LOL