Stupid question about CO detectors

Thats the first thing I though of also


I don’t know where that website got its numbers but here are numbers that are internationally recognized.

ASHRAE 9ppm over 8 hours
WHO 15-20 ppm causes impaired performance
25 ppm Max allowed in parking garage (IMC)
WHO 30 ppm increase in cardio respiratory complaints
US NIOSH 35 ppm recommended 8 hour workplace exposure
US OSHA 50 ppm recommended 8 hr maximum wotkplace exposure
BPI 35 ppm and auditor leaves building

While I do recognize it may take 200 - 400 ppm for 1 - 2 hours for headaches, etc do you really want to wait for the sugns of symptoms?


Same numbers

The higher level is for toxicity over 4 hours not 8.

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(Got to love this International Association of Certified home inspectors message board).

Good reading and good references.

I have been recommending CO2 for a while, I even have and use one at home.


Beauchemin,Marc-Andre :slight_smile:

It’s CO Mark, not CO2

Re-read Marc’s post. *Maybe *he does use CO2 at home! :shock::wink:

Jeff, Maybe he has a sodastream unit. :wink:

I use a couple of five gallon soda kegs set at 8psi so the beer has proper co2. :slight_smile: