Sub or load side panels

Do they, or when do they need a main breaker?

What do you mean by “main” breaker?

They need a point to disconnect power from their feeders (as with all equipment). Typically, this will be found at the service equipment or a distribution panel.

If your question is (which is what I’m assuming), “when do they require a breaker within the panel, that shuts down power to the other breakers within the panel?” The answer is, “they don’t.”

I can think of one case where it would be needed…

Service panel already has a 100 amp branch breaker present.
Someone uses that to feed a load side panel via correct size conductors.
They use a load side panel that is rated for 60 amps.
The load side (sub) panel would then need a 60 amp “main” breaker in it.

In a second building a local disconnect is required

Is that right guys ? Thats what I wondering…

Local AHJ’s may or may not enforce some things, that is one reason why HI’s are not required to inspect for code.

Just note that no disconnect is present as information only.

Greg is correct. A disconnect is required, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be within the remote panel. Here are the references.

**225.31 Disconnecting Means.
**Means shall be provided for disconnecting all ungrounded conductors that supply or pass through the building or structure.

**225.32 Location. **The disconnecting means shall be installed either inside or outside of the building or structure served or where the conductors pass through the building or structure. The disconnecting means shall be at a readily accessible location nearest the point of entrance of the conductors.

Also, don’t forget that there can be up to 6 disconnects. So if there are 6 or less breakers, that is your disconnecting means.

So, they do not have to always have a main breaker?