sub panel

Found this sub panel in a shed. I know that there should be a 4 conductor feed on bottom right and missing the neutral.

Never mind, I got it.
A metal rod driven into the dirt does not provide a low-resistance path back to the service equipment and transformer to clear ground faults.

Is that metal pipe back to the service equipment?

It makes difference.

The bare copper conductor is the GEC. Some panels have those small KO specifically for this type of installations. As Micheal said more info is needed. Is the conduit at the bottom right the feeder?

That is the feeder at the bottom right and the conduit is not metal and leads back to the main panel.

Just curious, is there a bonding screw in the neutral bus?

There is another issue in the panel. The ground from the feed connects to the neutral bus which appears to be properly floating. No bonding screw.

Another problem - you are not allowed to use a green wire as a neutral.

You got it, Chad. This subpanel is not properly grounded.

Chad, if only 240 volt equipment is serviced, no neutral is required. What is normally the neutral bus is then used as the ground bus. In this case a bond screw or a jumper from metal enclosure to ground bus must be used.

Good point, but I think that I see some white conductors terminated on the neutral bar.

The panel has two single pole breakers, not a two pole so it looks like the loads are 120.