Sub panel for furnace equipment only

Here is a sub panel that has only three wires ran to it(two hots and the neutral). Only double pole breakers are present. Neutral is isolated. Would I be correct to think that even though a grounding bus is not needed for the current set up, a ground wire is still needed to bond the panel in case it ever becomes energized?

The way that it’s set up there is no neutral run with the feeder, the bare conductor is the EGC which would be typical for a 2-wire with ground cable. One thing incorrect is that the EGC bus needs to be bonded to the enclosure. If a neutral is not being used for 120 volt loads then it is not required to be run to the sub-panel. Also the white ungrounded conductors need to be re-identified and the panel lacks the required working space.


That was very helpful. Definitely in a tight spot too. Thanks a lot Robert!

You’re welcome.