Suction line temperature - heat pump

Pretty sure this is o.k./normal, but wanted to double check. How hot is too hot for heat pump suction line and/or what is the typical temp. range? TIA.

That thing would never give you an accurate reading.
Try harder next time.

I will do that. So what’s the normal temperature range, using your testing method(s)?

Put your lips on it and if it burns them its to hot. What in the world are you trying to accomplishe by taking the temp of the suction line???:shock:

I did, that’s why I took a measurement afterward. Can you please tell me what’s the normal temperature range and/or what would be an excessive temp and/or what would cause a high temp and/or is this anything to be concerned about? TIA.

Your temp was about average for a HP the temp of the air passing across the outdoor coil to a degree determines the temp. The temp is simply created by the compression of the low temp vapor being created in the outdoor coil.

I don’t beleive I have ever read a MFG statement concerning a excessive discharge temp on a HP

Thank you.