Looking for radon monitor

Let me know if you have one for sale.

One that is reasonably priced that is. If you think I will give you 450 for your tested that has 3 months left on it’s cal then your wrong. I would rather buy an new one for 595.00

If you have something different let me know, as long as its not a femto tech. 4,000 for a tester? It better do more than just test, but also sell radon tests for me.

Yeah Sean, good luck with your search!

I’m searching and have been searching for a good deal (<$375) for months now.

I may end up just having to buy a new one because they don’t seem to be a very abundant used product.

If I find something I’ll let you know and please do the same for me.

Four placements pays for the monitor at $450 with a profit.
Four placements pays for the monitor at $595 with a smaller profit.

All of my monitors have paid for themselves 100 x’s over… :slight_smile:

This one just listed on eBay http://cgi.ebay.com/Sun-Nuclear-1027-Continuos-Radon-Monitor-Tester-/160551698075?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item2561a07e9b

Its up to $355.00
Prolly go for 400 or better. What a bunch of morons. Has not been calibrated since 03

After cal and shipping you will have 550. No thanks I will go and buy one new for 595