Sun Nuclear 1028 For Trade

I have a Sun Nuclear 1028 Radon Monitor with a fresh (02/2011) calibration from Sun Nuclear that I would like to trade for 2 recent model 1027 monitors (the units that have the blue writting on top, not the grey). I don’t really care about the calibration dates on the 1027’s, although units in calibration would be nice.

If you’re interested let me know.

what is the difference between the blue and grey writting

Some 1027 monitors have grey lettering and graphics on the face of the monitor and some have blue.

I see this as a good deal. You get an upgraded 1028 monitor with a fresh calibration in trade for units out of calibration.


Brand new the 1028 is only 200 buck more that the 1027…

Good luck and let us know when you find the dummy willing to trade.