Sun Nuclear 1028XP Continuous Radon Monitor

Here is a Used Sun Nuclear 1028XP Continuous Radon Monitor up for sale.

I used this unit for 1 year but prefer using the 1027 models I have. This includes all items shown including carrying case.
Bought this unit new in 2020.
Asking $1000

Calibration date?



So basically, pay more than List Price (for a used unit), and get the carry case for free?

Don’t forget to add the licensing fee ($199), calibration ($178) and shipping (~$60)!

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EDIT… Sorry… confused you with the OP…
Purchase NEW at that price!!
NEW, no calibration costs for first year.
NEW, no shipping fee’s
NEW, for FULL 10 year support from Sun! (Used only gets 8 years)!!


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