Sun Nuclear 1028 Radon Monitor

(Will Vogel) #1

Lightly used Sun Nuclear 1028 Continuous Radon Monitor. The monitor is one year old and has been used 11 times. Separately purchased tripod included. Monitor will need to be sent to Sun Nuclear for calibration prior to use ($20 annually). Buyer to pay shipping. Located in Florida.




(Steve LaCombe) #2

Hey Will, I thought the calibration is 170. Is there a different calibration pricing? 20 seems awfully low.

(Edward J. Rossi, CMI) #3

Question on everyone’s mind: Why are you selling it?

(Will Vogel) #4

I’m selling it because I am closing the doors on my home inspection company in Georgia and moving to Florida to help my parents in a new business venture.

(Will Vogel) #5

@ Steve LaCombe - that was a typo…i left off a 0. Laboratory calibration by Sun Nuclear is $200/year. Sorry for the misunderstanding.

(Steve LaCombe) #6

Thanks Will, I’ll think about it. Best of luck in the next chapter of your business venture.

(Braxton Griffin, HI-1087) #7

I’ve never used a Sun crm, can you hook up to laptop and download data into a utility that creates the report or graft? I used radstars and they just download to laptop. Don’t use the printers at all. Is it approved by the nrpp?

(Thomas M. Hauswirth) #8


If you have not sold it I am interested. Call me 860-526-3355.

(David W. Moss) #9

I’m interested call 570-441-1542

(Greg Keene, CMI) #10

did you sell it?