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Don’t miss out on this excellent opportunity to Get your Radon business into overdrive with SunRADON’s Model 1028 XP and save 20% on 1028 XP and 1028 XP bundles.

:orange_circle: RADON TEST STARTER KIT: A complete Starter Kit for Radon Professionals

  • (2) Professional Continuous Radon Monitors, Model 1028 XP
  • (2) Carrying Cases for Model 1028 XP
  • (2) Magnetic USB Data and Power Cables
  • (10) Window Hangers

:orange_circle: RADON TEST UPGRADE KIT: A complete Upgrade Kit for Radon Professionals

  • (1) Professional Continuous Radon Monitor, Model 1028 XP
  • (1) Carrying Case for Model 1028 XP
  • (1) Magnetic USB Data and Power Cable
  • (10) Window Hangers

:point_right:t3: Model 1028 XP is an NRPP and NRSB-approved CRM for Radon testing in real estate transactions! It is easy to use, battery-operated and has iOS and Android-compatible mobile apps. Connect your phone or tablet to the 1028 XP and instantly generate your inspection report with ease.

:arrow_right: Use CODE: FourthSpecial20 and expand, upgrade, or start your fleet of 1028 XP monitors, the most versatile and trusted monitor on the market.

:information_source: The discount is valid until 7/5/2023

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Absolutely NOTHING worse than going to the posted LINK and it doesn’t even take you to the DEAL being touted!

Yes, I eventually found the info, but… no thanks!

Thank you - the promo is now on the website too!

Here’s a TIP since you’re relatively new here…
Whenever you post a SPECIAL OFFER, and you DO NOT disclose ALL the info regarding the offer…
Be sure that the LINK you post goes DIRECTLY to the information (ie. dedicated PAGE) you decided to HIDE because that’s what your Marketing Teachers told you to do!
Guess what, it doesn’t work here!!
Good luck.