SuperModel signs 3 year contract to be NACHI.TV's new reporter at large.

Paige has a strong construction background, is great on camera, has teaching and acting experience, and speaks both English and Spanish.

wheeeeeeeeeeeeuuuuuuuu I thought we where going to have to endure Nick’s mug for erternity…:smiley:


Nice addition…oh and the resume looks nice also :smiley:


She just shot a show on inspecting electrical services and was awesome!

Anyway… we’re trying to keep NACHI.TV informative, educational and entertaining.

oooohhh, now we can do NACHI.TV “en Espanol”

Exactly. We are building a voice over room and plan on dubbing everything we’re doing once we get 20 or 30 shows up.

Buena suerte y sigue así. InterNACHI, adelantándose.

(Good luck and keep up the good work. InterNACHI, moving forward.)


Nick says

“It’s a tough job, but somebody has to do it” :slight_smile:

She looks like Dee’s sister

Nice addition…Welcome, Paige.

I was gonna say, it looks like a trend there Nick. :wink: :slight_smile: She easily could be Dee’s sister.

Hey! That’s a heckuva compliment Paige! :smiley: