New to NACHI. I'm the new host of NACHI TV.

hi all! just wanted to introduce myself. i’ll be helping nick out with a variety of jobs and hosting nachi tv. :smiley: pam

Welcome Pam to the Nachi family. :smiley:

Welcome aboard Pam…we all know Nick needs help;) ooops, I suppose my reputation rating will go down now:shocked:

A little about myself:

I’m a Yankee (Long Island and New York City). I’ve worked for a real estate firm, have a background in journalism, and a Masters in Education.

My main project at NACHI will be as host of NACHI TV.

Wonderful. Welcome aboard.

Lookin’ good…

Pam Richer, host

Welcome Pam…Glad you are on board…

Paul: I see you are one of the technical guests we are planning to do a few shows with, so you and I will get to work together :smiley: pam.

I am jealous :mrgreen: As star is born in Pam’s case, and a super nova in Paul’s. Just kidding Paul. Great job.

Dang…TV you say! Man I need a new avatar to show off my best side.:cool:

Whoops…the wife just walked in…she said I don’t have a better side:roll: the nerve of some people!

We’re going to have to call all you gals…The NICKXIE CHICKS. dat der’s funny stuff right der…I don’t care who ya ar.

Hi Pam…!

When does “NACHI TV” start?

Already in production stage.

Welcome Pam.



**I hope Deanna is going to be your Co-Host at times. She has done great sofar on the tube.:stuck_out_tongue:
Best of luck Pam.

Welcome Pam!

Welcome Pam! Glad to have more estrogen on the NACHI team. :slight_smile: Maybe it will help even out all the testosterone around here!! (just kidding!)


Looking forward to bringing the ELECTRICAL flare to the program…but I hope NICK purchased cam’s with wide angles…no not because of my ego either…I am a little ROUND…but still fit in crawl spaces…tehhehe…OK…Dale…insert the picture of me and jerry now…lol

Anyway…look forward to meeting you Pam