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Thanks for all the info. found in these posts. This is my first time posting so let me know how I can improve. Couldn’t find anything in the archives. Just like to get some opinions that you guys are good at.

20 year old 2 story home. Originally 2 block columns supporting the girder. 2x10 attached to bottom of girder to support the floor joists. Through the years additional blocking has been added to the bottom of the 2x10 to correct the sagging joists that has left a noticeable hump throughout the first floor. Seems to me any concentrated loads on a joist that doesn’t have the “proper blocking” would fail as in the past. The band side of the joist has similar ledge with no apparent settling or repair work (sorry no picture). My thought would be joist hangers along with the proper blocking/bridging and DBLing of joist where needed. Owner had someone look at it before putting it on the market and was ok. Buyer is having it evaluated and can live with the hump but she does have a big piano. Thanks for any info.

Using the 2x10 for a double-sided ledger is a clever but uninformed idea, because unless it is attached with lag screws, its nails will be loaded in withdrawal, and that is the load that nails are least able to resist.

That looks like a nightmare of a place in which to try to work, but joist hangers are definitely the way to go, if they can be installed with the 2x10 in place. Girder and joist sizes should also be investigated for adequacy for the loads and spans involved. It may be possible to remedy the “hump”, depending upon its cause.

Thanks! A builder went in and said he would reinforce a bearing wall at a later date but probably couldn’t do anything about the hump where the joist had settled.

Well, 40 years ago a ledger was good, and I do not know why it would not be good today.
As far as the support in the pictures, I have not seen anything like that except under a home built barn storage.

Moisture barrier, bad.

Insulation factor, bad.

Ventilation bad.

How was the rest of this house? ha. ha.

It wasn’t a ledger strip. It was a 2x10 attached to the bottom of the beam. Made all the joist settle.

Sorry Glen, pictures can fool you sometimes. ha. ha.

Revisited your pictures and saw it the way you explained and the support structure is totally unacceptable.
Using a 2x10 as you described is not a structurally affective way or standard of supporting joist.
At this point as was mentioned, joist hangers is the only option along with digging by hand and providing permnenant footing support for the carrying beam.

Note what you see, refer it and move on. Best bet. That place is a disaster in my book.

Back to not being able to take the bump out of the floor, the guy does not know how to do it, it can be done.


Rest of the home looked pretty good except for a head knocker on the stairs. Doors fit good, windows opened good, attic straight. I told em what you said. Buyer brought in a family builder. Owner wanted me to fix it because I dealt with him before. Told him I couldn’t and he needed someone experienced in that type of repair. First home inspection… Sheesh!

Need structural engineer further evaluate and make recommendations on how to repair.