Basement floor joists?

In this home yesterday the floor joists were toenailed into the main beam running down the center of the basement. For added support they were resting on a 2x2 that was nailed to the beam. On one side it appeared this 2x2 was failing as well as the nails so there was sagging in the 2x2 and the joists pulling away from the beam in some areas. So it appeared someone came in and repaired with joist hangers. Now I do not know if this is adequate so I am asking you guys if this is acceptable or crap? Another reason for this concern is I have to point out that on the other side of the beam this is happening as well and there are no joist hangers for repair and I don’t want to say that is adequate obviously if in fact its junk. I added pictures. Thanks for you opinions and advice in advance.






From the photos you posted, the joists appear flush with the sub-floor above. You don’t know that they have pulled loose from the girder…they may have been like that all along. Wood shrinks. They appear to have adequate bearing on the ledger. The only thing I saw that was ‘wrong’ is the use of what appears to be roofing nails in the hanger.

You don’t even need joist hangers on those joists, they are not hanging. The roofing hails are not correct but then again, that joist isn’t going anywhere.

The nails in the hanger don’t appear to be roofing nails. That hanger has angled slots in the flange for 12d toenails. The other joists are not properly toenailed, and should be repaired or have hangers installed. Toenailing is actually fairly strong if done correctly, but those nails missed the target and split the end of the joist.

They are bearing on the 2x though. Do you think the toe nails were just to hold it in place?

I like all the feedback so far. Again for those stating there may not be a issue. The 2x2 is sagging or leaning forward in some areas (sorry no pic of that specifically) so I am telling myself that obviously means the toe nailing alone is not enough and weight is being put on this 2x2 which is also over much time starting to fail. So I was curious if the joist hangers were a proper fix? I am ashamed to say I didn’t focus on the fasteners :(.

The ledger is used to hold the joists in place when installing. Those 2x2 ledgers are worthless for support IMO, especially if only nailed every 2 feet. The real connection should be at the beam.