Surge Protection to Correct CGFI Tripping Appliance?

I just bought a new water pic, and out of the box it triped the CGFI twice before it actually started pumping water, and a third time after it started pumping. It now works, but continues to trip the CGFI maybe every second or third time I use it. Frequently it trips at the point where I turn off the power switch, so that I must reset the CGFI before continuing to use the device.

The Water Pic company that makes the appliance says they are getting a lot of complaints like this and the fault is mine because I do not have a surge protector plugged into my CGFI. They say if I will plug a surge protector into the CGFI outlet and plug the device into the surge protector that will correct the problem.

This seems counter intuitive to me since surge protectors shut off current in case of a surge coming from the electrical line. I don’t see how they would keep a CGFI from tripping if there is a voltage difference caused by the appliance. Surely the solution should be to fix the appliance so it does not trip the CGFI. I have had several previous models of water pics, including owning another of this same model, and have not had this problem with these other machines.


First let me correct you a bit. You are speaking of a GFCI not a CGFI. When an appliance trips a GFCI on multiple occasions I would tell “Water Pic” to shove it. But then again that’s my personal opinion and represents no other person, association or affiliation.

When a company tells you do something additional in order to stop their product from causing something to trip then that should be a red flag that the product manufacturer knows something is wrong with their product. Otherwise, how would they have known to tell you to install an SPD (Surge Protective Device).

I would take the “Water Pic” back and get another model or another brand and I am nearly 100% sure you issue will go away.

Remember people don’t like to take blame and if they know you will accept their excuse they are already 95% ahead in the battle. The select FEW stand their ground and fight back. In your own admittance other waters pics have not caused this issue so the common denominator is the new water pic in my opinion.

Edited…well I am sick today so I came on but this one was asked way back in 2012 so either she solved her issue or is not cleaning her teeth with floss.