Surge suppression but no AFCI

New construction, two service panels with what appears to be surge suppression installed but I didn’t see any AFCI breakers. I want to call out the lack of AFCI breakers for bedroom circuits. Is that the correct call or is there some exception for panels with surge suppression installed?


In My Professional Opinion

The NEC requires the arc faults as you know. I believe you are correct in noting the lack of them.

I would think the surges are an option. What kind are they & what are they to?

In your picture I see the green screw that is supposed to be bonded to the panel. It seems that this is missing in a lot of new installs. But maybe there is another panel bond somewhere else.


I see some Doubled up Neutrals in that image, Call that out and from what i can gather…those units do not look familiar to me…but they are not AFCI’s because they dont have the proper connections…

So if this is new construction I would venture to say why the AHJ did not call this out unless for example it is not adopted in your area…remember that AFCI’s were only coming into play after 2002…so while they were refered to in the 1999 NEC…they did not become technically NEC effective until 2002.

Regardless of demanding them or suggesting them…AFCI’s are a great safety enhancement in my mind…worthy of suggestion even if AFCI’s were not required at the time of installation.

As for the green ground screw…we will assume this is the MAIN panel and not a remote distribution panel ( sub )…otherwise the green screw would need to be removed and Grounded conductors ( netural ) and EGC ( equipment grounds ) would need to be seperated on different bars…and the Neutral ( grounded conductor ) would need to be isolated from the panel ie: Floating.

Long story short…if your area has adopted the 2002 NEC or higher…AFCI’s are required in new construction and should then be included…regardless of it being a GOOD idea…as a man in Chicago would say…IT’s CODE !

One has nothing to do with the other.

AFCI protection is required and the doubled neutrals should be corrected. . .


Has the NEC 2002 been adopted in the community where this home is located?

Just my thoughts. In WI, the AFCI requirement has not been adopted yet.

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Don’t forget Paul, sometimes new construction can take a year or two from permit process to finish. The AFCI’s would not be required if the permits were pulled before the local AHJ adopted the 02 code. We had many new homes here passing inspection up to a year after we adopted the 02, simply because the permits had been pulled prior to the adoption. I am working with one homeowner who is his own general contractor, he has been working on the home for 3 years now!

Not saying it is a good idea not to have them just because you don’t have to, kinda like GFCI’s. And of course there are still many out there who are not sold on AFCI protection being what it was promised.


I guess I am spoiled to the BAD side here in VA where our permits only last 6 months at a time before they have to be renewed…and if they renew in a new cycle…guess what…it has to be inspected in that cycle and would have to comply to that cycle…

Figured most would atleast have adopted the 2002 NEC by now…VA did about 1 year ago…and we are usually one of the LAST to do so…VA hates change…:slight_smile:

Actually AFCIs for bedroom receptacle outlets was in the 99 code, to be effective in 2002.

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