Swimming Pool Drain ... Question

Does this look like an Anti-entrapment drain cover ?

No, that’s a older style drain cover and no longer compliant.

Some additional info here at this PDF:


Thank You !

It looks like a dome shape cover, and like one in the picture of that file…
Btw, thanks for that pdf, I will start adding that to my reports as needed

That one in the OP’s post is the older Hayward dome top (1st gen attempt to be safer) but still has slots/holes that are too big, a finger and hair entrapment risk.

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Thanks for the clarification

Although it looks like an anti-entrapment cover, I wouldn’t know if it was an approved cover until I read the label. I always recommend further evaluation of the suction inlet covers due to the fact that i can’t read the cover from the side of the pool. Couple of questions…How old is it? Is it approved for side or floor installation, Is it rated for the flow? is it properly attached? Ill stop here. As you see, I won’t know the answers to any of those questions. Nothing wrong with recommending someone to go down and verify all. If you say it is good and didn’t check the labels, you may be liable for anything bad that happens. But, ye, it does LOOK like one.