SWR & Tile Roofs

Hello all,

I’ve been reading old threads to find this answer but can’t really find it. If SWR is installed under tile outside the HVHZ, is that considered a **secondary **barrier?

I do have access to the builder’s invoice if necessary.


The name should give you a hint…
SWR= Secondary Water Resistance

I stick the flat edge of my metal yardstick between the sheathing to see if it sticks.


Thanks Roy - I also found this thread. http://www.nachi.org/forum/f73/declaratory-statement-roof-covering-whether-tile-shingle-considered-primary-88608/

Currently most insurance companies accept “peel and stick” as a SWR under tile roofs.

FYI I received lots of **** for calling it a declaratory statement because it did not come from a “regulating” body.

Any materials under shingles or tiles is technically a secondary water barrier (from a roofing perspective). BUT this is not the same as an SWR barrier according to the wind mitigation form. If you read the form it clearly states it must be self adhering. AKA peel and stick or sprayed foam.

I would disagree as tile is not a water proofing. The underlayment on a tile roof is the primary means of protecting the home.

Humm ! You will have to explain that to me.
If not then why put it up there at all?

It’s what you see :shock:-------Tile is not the primary means of water resistance.

Try reviewing this it may help you understand CLICK HERE

Amazing they allow it in a wind prone state that worries about flying debris.

I agree with your disagreement. Tile could be considered the “secondary” water barrier as whatever is under it is the actual or primary water barrier. Didn’t feel like explaining that in my prior post.

Just figured I would chime in and say that this discussion is about WIND MITIGATION INSPECTIONS so the **only **things that ARE SWR are those things LISTED ON THE FORM…