Sylvania Challanger box

I came across a Sylvania challenger electric box is this one of the ones insurance companies don’t like looks pretty new???

Without a picture, there’s really no way to tell…

If you talking about FL insurance companies, then yes. A few of the carriers have caught on that Challenger panels, especially the older ones, are just a continuation of the Sylvania / Zinsco line. Tower Hill Insurance is one of them that will deny any Challenger panel.


Ate you a solo home inspector or do you have people working for you


I’ve never seen such a panel. Do you have a picture of one?

You have never seen one? Here is a newer one (1992) I had just a few days ago. Challenger picked up the Sylvania name and redesigned the panel board, but some insurance companies still reject the Challenger brand.

What I have never seen (and still have not) is a Zinsco style panel with a Challenger sticker on it.

Sylvania took over the Zinsco panels and simply changed the sticker. As far as I’m aware, the Zinsco style panel was never produced under Challenger.

The only Challenger that I have seen did not have the twin bars like Zinsco.

Challenger panels do not have the Zinsco/Sylvania twin bars. But, they do have a corporate chain history with Sylvania. I do believe Challenger had a few problems of their own though.

The point is that a few insurance carriers in FL will reject Challenger panels, whether warranted or not.

Apparently, Challenger was making breakers for Zinsco/Sylvania panels too.

Challenger-Zinsco breaker.JPG

Have never seen one of those by Challenger. Thanks.

Didn’t Challenger also make Federal Pacific replacement breakers too?

The only one that I thought was making replacement breakers was UBI.

I knew that I had one laying around. :cool: