Newer Elec Panels And 4 Point Inspections

Who has the lowdown on which panels are being discriminated against by ins co’s on newer houses, and why?

Not Me :frowning:

Why would they have a problem with a newer panel?

I agree with Brad, older panels such as FPE, Federal Pacific Electric, Zinsco and Fused Panels. Most of my newer panels I’m seeing are Square D, Siemens and Cutler Hammer. Haven’t heard any issues with these yet.

Sylvania GTE is on most s h i t lists also.
They bought Zinsco & kept manufacturing under the same design.
I had 1 client a few months ago & his insurance carrier did a QA.
He has Challenger panels & they told him to replace them or be cancelled.

Yep, Challenger and GTE Sylvania go on the chit list too with some carriers. I don’t recall any carrier denying a panel installed in the last 20 yrs or so, due to manufacturer name alone.

Now we are getting somewhere. Yes, I have heard of Challenger modern panels being denied. But I don’t have the facts regarding this.

someone out there has the info, I hope!

Not sure if it was an official memo but I believe Eric once posted something regarding the Challenger Panels here somewhere on the board.


Tower Hill and I believe Peoples Trust will not take a Challenger panel, newer line or old. I think they had some problems that made headlines at one point, but I don’t know what they are.

I do not call out Challenger on my HI reports, thus, also
not listed on a Citizens 4 Point as a hazardous panel.

Some insurances assess do. What am I missing?
Is it the crap bus bar gets loose breakers or something?

Pls keep the info coming. We are making progress! Maybe JOHN S will have something to throw into the mix…

I list the brand and let the Insurance company decide.

So because of a 1988 recall of 9000 GFCI breakers,
the panels in whole are considered hazardous?

The HAGF circuit breakers, which may require replacement, are located in the electrical service panel. If the name “Challenger” is embossed on the front of the panel (on the door handle) and/or on the label on the back of the panel/door, that panel may contain circuit breakers requiring replacement. Affected circuit breakers have a yellow button and the word “test” in raised letters on one side; on the other side, the number 15 or 20 is printed on the handle in white letters between the raised words “ON” and “OFF.”

If the number on the handle is black or if there is a label it with white lettering next to the word "test , then the HAGF circuit breaker will not need to be replaced.

I had this in my reference folder on Challenger panels.

On a four point I agree, John. Just name the brand/type.

On a residential HI, I’ll call the big 3 out and let the buyer/whoever decide.


Thanks Brad. :smiley:

Thanks, Brad! And just shortly ago you were questioning the reason for this post…

That was because of the title of this thread. It’s the older panels that have the problems.:cool:

I agree with Jobn S and Carl on the reporting aspect of the panels. Awhile ago, I had heard Bryant panels were on some carrier’s hit list.