Take a wild guess who the Manufacturer of this cooktop is!

Hint: They manufacture things that move.

I have seen two of those in my whole life. One needed parts and the HO was trying to locate some, or a scrapped unit. I thought they were made by General Electric, are they not? Isn’t Frigidaire a division of GE?


The answer will surprise you. I will post a picture of the answer in 1 hr.

The lady that lived in the home had some problems with this unit but was able to get the parts for it!


One of the big three. I’m going to say Chrysler.

Your on the right track Joe.


OK, is it Boeing?

The answer surprised me, this is like Harley building food processors.

BTW Joe was closest with his answer.

It was purely a wild guess. All that heavy metal made me think of autos.

“The Guardian Frigerator Company changes its name to Frigidaire Corporation. General Motors Corporation purchases all of the outstanding stock on May 31, 1919.”

Taken from: http://www.gm.com/company/corp_info/history/gmhis1910.html

More info about Frigidaire: http://www.barfly.ca/english/history.html


I first thought Chrysler (as in Chrysler Airtemp HVAC Equip.) because of the Star. I remember the Star from my HVAC days engineering/selling in the Mid 1970’s.
I did notice the Frgidare logo in picture #3.
The style reminds me of the old Dwyer Kitchen units I’d see in Efficiency and Comm. Offfice Kitchenette settings in the 1970’s.

GM/Frigidaire made a lot of home stuff. The other GM company that did strange things was Delco. They had the metal stamping and forming equipment to do almost anything with sheet metal. They made most of the M3 “greasegun” submachine guns in WWII

Third picture says frigidaire…what did I win?

I purposely did not answer as I knew the answer .
I worked at the old Frigidair plant when they converted it into a truck plant for GM back in the late sixties or early seventies .
I was night electrical superintendent for many months I think it was on Lawrence just east of Warden they made Vans there when we finished .


That’s where it was Roy, now it’s a huge “box Store” plaza.


I purposely left the name “Frigidare” on picture. I thought I could throw you guys off.


I will be honest with you, this is the first time I have seen this type of cooktop or oven. The lady that owns the house is a client of mine. She wants me to demo this house and build her a new house. Take a guess what I’m keeping!


Now that I didn’t know![greesegun]

I do know that GM uses Delco logo on all [most] of there parts.


But it doesn’t have wings.:stuck_out_tongue: