Taking pre-orders for the inspection narrative library. Just $99.


Throw out some samples of the narratives. I am sure I will order but I would like to check it out a bit. Is that possible?

This isn’t the list of 1000 narratives that all the InterNACHI members help put together is it?

I have InspectVUE, it has 10,000 narratives :stuck_out_tongue:

Scott, read slower. It says where they came from: http://www.nachi.org/narratives.htm

Steven, this is a larger library (more than 10,000), the largest actually.

Right behind this we have specialty libraries for Green Building, Commercial Properties, and Log Homes coming.

Kenton also authored this book for the ICC: http://www.iccsafe.org/e/prodsearch.html?stateInfo=JUXjjakkgzfjRBfb7537%7C13&words=9182S00

Hey Nick,
The narratives cd will ship after june 30th right?
I am looking forward to receiving mine.

And it’s actually “just $100” if you check your statement :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey Nick, It’s June 30th. Did they ship?

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Nick, the narratives are complete and I’m halfway through the Table of Contents. I can give it to you tomorrow.

Check out the Table of Contents: http://www.nachi.org/documents/InterNACHInarrativestableofcontents.doc


They all shipped today.

I agree.
Although the TOC looks impressive, a sample section (small, but complete) posted in MO would go a long way to helping many of us see if it’s something we’d incorporate.
Like previewing a chapter of a book . . .

Thanks Nick !

I got it in the mail today and checked it out. Its a really nice resource. Very Impressive. I found that there are some narratives in there that say what i have been saying, but with more efficient wording. Its not a bad idea at all to draw from the wisdom of other home inspectors and from direct facts and science.

I like it

You got me sold on it. Thanks for the review :wink:


Got mine but have only skimmed a few chapters. Looks good but as with any canned narratives you’ll probably want to make minor edits to fit your style. As an example many of the narratives starts with “The Inspector” recommends… I’ve never referred to myself as “The Inspector” when writing a report. That’s just me though and the edits will be easy. Overall, not bad :slight_smile: Thanks Nick (and Kenton!)

Sounds like a good time to use the find/replace feature in word. Find “The Inspector recommends” , replace “I recommend”. Save you a lot of time over doing it one by one.

D’oh! Thx Dom. I should have thought of that.