Tamper Resistant oulets & Testers

Hi to all,

Did a new construction inspection this week that had the new “TR” receptacles installed, all of my testers have Hot and neutral pins of the same size so getting the tester into the outlet is very difficult, anyone know of an adapter ?



try finding an extension chord with the wider pin, I’ve been trying to buy one for 2 days!!!

If the problem were easy to fix with an extension chord I wouldn’t have posted it or have to put up with your idiot response :twisted:


Make one Gerry. About $10 in parts.

I’m not sure why Gerry is having a problem.

The size of the pins shouldn’t matter. They’ll open up the little doors just the same way as a plug with the same size blades. The TR’s don’t open up if you’re putting the tester in at a slight angle. Just have to make sure that they’re going in at the same exact time. I installed them in our house a couple of months ago because of our toddler and have never had any difficulty plugging anything in.


I agree Jeff.

The videos I posted make that clear.

Perhaps Gerry is dealing with a different type of TRO.

All I can tell you is that I had a hell of a game with this issue this week,


Sorry… didn’t bother with the videos. If I see you-tube links on this board, I automatically think that the poster is giving a humorous approach to the subject.


Yeah…try using a tik tracer on these. No more just looking to see if voltage is present anymore.


Sometimes Gerry, it helps to be smarter than the plug…

lol…because you need to be an Electrician Gerry…lol;-)

There is one brand out there that seems to be exceptionally difficult to get a three light tester into.

The ones I was testing were Leviton and they were truely bloody awfull, maybe they were a bad batch.



I know what you mean Gerry, been dealing with this for months now, have to wiggle the tester to the point of it sounding like the outlet is going to break in pieces. Real junk. Found some GFCI types that would not allow a tester at all. I’ll try a laptop charger cord on some next time to see if it has the same problem.

What kind of tester you using Gerry?

Looking at how the shutter functions, I’m going to try tweaking the prongs on a tester to see if I can get it to work more easily.

Good to know that I’m not the only one who has experienced difficulty with these. I called some out for replacement a couple months ago on a warranty inspection. The client had already damaged a few because they were having problems plugging in devices as well.

I have several Wayne, but had the biggest issue with my SureTester.

I’m pleased to see that I’m not alone in having problems with these TR outlets, I thought I was losing my mind. :shock:


this is what happens when yankees transplant to Texas & believe the interweb garbage that tr aren’t all that
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