Tappan Electric Furnace Age Help

Can anyone help me with an age for a Tappan M/N EE24-37-41
S/N Y2F04357.
Can you also explain how you know in case I see this again.

My notes say that its the the last 3 digits in the serial number which indicate year and month, but 1935, doesn’t hardly make sense. My notes also indicate that the last, month character is supposed to be a letter. Therefore, I would make the educated guess that it’s 2004, from the 04 in the SN.

The size I’m more confident of… 2 Ton from the model… EE24… Divide the 2 numbers after the letters by 12.

The unit is very old, maybe 30+ years. Maybe it is 1935…

I think your Tappan was made by Bryant and is from 1977. While unusual, it’s not unheard of since back in those days strikes and labor conflicts often resulted in one brand contracting out to another brand in cooperation, something not done in today’s world.

That makes the sense, I dated the building at 30 years.
Thanks for your help.

How about:

Model AGH 242641
SN 74K01725

I suspect late 60s - early 70s…