Tappan Oil Furnace age?

Does anyone know of a resource for old furnaces? I tried building intelligence and called Nortek and Goodman who took over the Tappan name and manufacturing. No luck there. The oil fired furnace is Tappan and the S/N is 73 K 30496, M/N OUF 84 D 42. I’m just curious if anyone has any info on the age. More for future knowledge than for this report.

Do you have a Picture? Color of unit, standing pilot, present of a circuit board, size of flue, Metal data plate or sticker. All of these things would help narrow done the age and determine if any of the numbers in serial make sense.

Electric ignition, 6 iinch flue

Looks like a 60’s model by the color, to me…beyond its useful life…budget for replacement.


Wild guess based on the fact that the plate is metal and riveted to the box. Last pic has serial # 73…K…30498 which you mentioned. My guess is that in 1973 stamped plates were more common than any later year if determined by the serial number (ie, 98).

Just shooting from the hip, but I always state " Age cannot be determined…") or " Age Unknown" and the reason why…

Larry, I’m the same color at 62 than I was at 52…save a few grays… :crazy_face: :wink:

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For sure it’s beyond it’s years. I looked at the service record and Fred Flintstone installed it. I love seeing old units and construction techniques.

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