I filed my LLC, and now I need to get my federal tax id #. It’s asking me 3 options to file as an individual, which I think is the one I need to chose, then s-corp or corp. Just want to make sure I chose the correct one for a single member LLC.

You really need to get advice from a CPA or tax attorney for your best course of action.

Read InterNACHI’s article Forms of Inspection Business Ownership.

This all should have been done when you set up your corporation. Whoever did it, have them straighten this out.

Since you are new at this, beware of an official letter asking for your company minutes and a fee. It is a scam.

I agree.

Don’t forget to fund your LLC or it doesn’t mean diddley squat.

Good advice, I received that letter also when I started…straight to the shredder.:wink: