Incorporation for home inspector - which one is best?

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Hello everybody… icon_question.gif

I was curious if anyone knew what is the best way to incorporate for an indivdual home inspector for protection and tax purposes??? I heard that "S" corporations are the way to go, since you can file them under your personal tax returns.

LLC, S-Corporation, C-Corporaton, are all options???

I heard that filing an S - Corporation in Nevada is the best way to go, but I wanted to contact fellow inspectors and see if they had any recommendations, experiences, etc. etc.

Please let me know if you have any knowledge of corporations....

Thanks and be safe!
Justin Watts.

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Unless you want to spend a number of hours at the library researching this, I strongly suggest you pay an attorney for an hour of his/her time to find out which is the best fit for you according to your state law. LLC worked the best for me in my state, but state laws vary. Also, always be aware that just because you're incorporated (or organized, in the case of an LLC) the fact that your company is a separate legal entity isn't blanket protection for your personal assets. Anyone can file suit against anyone else at any time for any reason.

Good luck with whatever you decide on.

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Contrary to what many people believe, filing for a corporation status in another state is not the best way to go. When you do that most of the time it creates more paperwork that need to be done becuase you need to then register as a foreign corporation in the state where you will be doing business.

My best advice to you, if you don't have the business background to do it yourself. Go and talk to an attorney. The money that you spend there will save you countless hours and headaches in the future to come.

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