Tearing Apart a Gas Furnace in 360 VR

Enjoy watching “Tearing Apart a Gas Furnace in 360 VR.”](https://youtu.be/6BibFdzmyMc)

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Cool. Vertigo be darned!!!

I couldn’t watch it. I have Meniere’s disease.

cam is misdirected

You should view (or at least ask someone else) any video you post, to validate the content or at least the editing.

Rename the clip " 8 Minutes of not-to-much-to-look-at". Should be a 60 second clip.

Nice video. Hopefully you can do an HE furnace next. —Its in 3d folks, you need to rotate the screen to view.

Tearing them apart is the easy part especially if you use your feet. Putting them back together not so easy. I would not call that crack a major crack as it appear to be in the burner shroud not the heat exchanger proper.;-);-):wink:

I agree Dominic. There’s not much for a home inspector to look at during an inspection of a gas furnace. The parts that we see in the video are observed only after we tear the unit apart completely, which is way beyond the scope of a home inspection.

But thanks for the feedback. And I noticed that:

  1. your home inspection business website homepage has an inspector holding a hammer (see screen shot). You may be communicating something that you don’t intend to (ie that a hammer is used to look at things during a home inspection).
  2. your home inspection business website has a grammatical and punctuation error (see screen shot).
  3. you have NAHI on your homepage (see screen shot).

Just some little things, but I like your website a lot. Good job on that.