Techniques for report writing

Hi all,

I was writing my first mock inspection and was wondering how you all went about report writing. I ended up writing exterior first then each floor I would stop and add in my observations.

Ive seen a few listed ideas and wonder your experiences were. Here are a couple I’ve seen:

  1. Cut it into two halves: do the entire exterior then write everything about that, then, do the entire interior and write about it all at the end

  2. write/type as you go

Also, do you report each bedroom/room or are all rooms listed under a system, IE interior ?


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The two main approaches to report writing are System and Rooms. Most write reports by system. Structure, Exterior, Plumbing, Electrical, HVAC, Interior etcetera. Your initial post had a mix of the two where you started with a system (exterior) and then switched to rooms (or floors) when doing the interior. Use sample reports from Home Inspectors websites to find a format that appeals to you.