Teflon tape

I have seen white teflon pipe thread tape used on gas lines and called it out. In the past I always understood that the white was for water lines as it was thinner and the yellow was for gas as it was thicker and less likely to tear.

After doing research several manufacturers are selling the same thickness tape in various colors with some manufacturers producing white being rated for gas.

My question is does the plumbing code require any thread tape used on gas lines to be yellow? I could not find any info on the subject.





Be careful with calling out tape just because of color. Yes, today its common that high density teflon tape is colored yellow or red (pink). But some manufactures still make white high density tape.
And for the tearing of the tape…That is an installation issue not a tape issue. Low density teflon tape was found to deteriorate over time when exposed to hydrocarbons. So yes, you need a high density tape when used on gas lines. No matter the color.
I hope that helps!

Thanks Skyler. From everything I found in the code it just states pipe thread compound or tape. I could not find anything on requiring a specific density or color. I don’t know of a way to determine if it is high density just by looking at it (unless of course it is colored). Maybe this is why some AHJ are only allowing pipe thread compound. I found white tape on a gas line that I know was installed by a professional company that I often recommend. I am going to follow-up with them to see what product they are using.

it’s not teflon tape, as it was never made.

I just purchased a CSST piping kit from Lowes to install a new gas range. The tape that came with the kit was white. The description on the box says that it is yellow, but it is white.

I threw it out and went with pipe dope.