Teflon Tape

So how much tape is enough to seal flare nut fittings on natural gas pipe? :smiley:

It wasn’t installed right, if put on in the right direction and twisted into the threads first you won’t see it sticking out. I installed many airline fittings, I used about 3-4 inches of tape and never have a problem. (I’m referring to shop compressed air lines), don’t know if it’s suitable for gas line

Really? On natural gas lines? Flared connections?

I don’t think the threads are seating surfaces for those kinds of connections. Sure it isn’t part of a tag?


thread tape aint for gas lines!


Compression is for copper tubing.
And pipe dope for steel.

Wonder why they call it pipe dope? Did that mean that a dope could do it.? ha. ha.

Marcel :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Yes it is if it is YELLOW Not White .
Flaired fitting do not require any dope or tape.
Roy Cooke

Many gas applaince manufactures specifically prohibit the use of Teflon tape for gas piping. Small pieces of tape left in the piping can become lodged in the small orifices in the equipment and cause problems.:smiley:

As for using tape on flared/compression fittings, it’s ok if installed by an electrician.:stuck_out_tongue:

Love It great timing I did need a good laugh Thanks
Roy Cooke