Teledyne Laars Boiler Nomenclature?

Can anyone tell me if there is serial number nomenclature available for a Teledyne Laars Endurance boiler EBP model manufactured prior to 2005? I know the first letter and 2 digits are the month & year of manufacturing, but I’d like to interpret the rest of the number. This one was manufactured in May, 2004, and I believe it is referred to as ‘the older model’ (blue). Any info about decoding their nomenclature would be appreciated! Thanks! Patti

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I sorry but I don’t know the info that you seek

You may have to contact the manufacturer for that information.

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Here is the info I have.

Serial #'s: The first and second digits are the year of manufacture.

E.g. C97106307 = 1997

Laars Headquaters
Phone# (603) 335-6300

Les, I don’t see what she is looking for in your link…maybe I’m just dense, tonight. :smile:

You’re right Larry wrong link

Try this one:

Patti can look through them if she really needs the meaning of the remainder of the serial numbers/letters.

That 1187E is the one but she would only know if that is what she is looking for or not.

Hi Guys, Thanks for the info. I have seen that 1187E document. I’m just trying to determine a little more info about this boiler, as I am considering buying it used. I need to know if it can be wall or ceiling mounted. I figured the nomenclature would tell me that, but the only info about Laars serial numbers that I can find says there should be 14 digits. That’s when I found out that prior to 2005 they have only 12 digits, but I can’t find the interpretations anywhere! The manufacturer’s serial number number is E04F 04351. (E04 = May 2004) but what about the rest of it? There is an EBP wiring diagram on it. The only other numbers and info are: 145383 (at the top of the sticker), Maximum WP 30PSI, Max. Water temp 250F, Heating surface 14.9 sq ft, min. relief valve cap. 149MBH, and the only other pictures of numbers he sent me areL Honeywell VC8114-11, and Honeywell VK8115V CE-0063AP3090/6, Amb Temp. 0…70C. I don’t even know for sure if it is the110,000 btu or 175,000btu model! Any ideas? Would this model require a chimney vent? (I need one that can be side-vented as it is an 1857 log cabin without a chimney) Is it a condensing boiler? That’s really what I am looking for. Thanks! Patti

Patti, the Honeywell numbers are for the actuator and gas valve. Can you see the boiler in operation? Used boilers may be a good deal or they may be a problem.

No, unfortunately the boiler has already been taken out. I think I’ll forget about this one though, because it’s been too hard trying to get information about it- and getting parts might prove to be just as difficult. I should probably get a new (or newer) one- get the most efficient one I can. But, I like reading reviews to see how different manufacturers and models perform…because ‘newer’ doesn’t always mean ‘better’. You read so much these days from people who put brand new, top of the line boilers & furnaces in…and they have nothing but problems & end up having to put out all kinds of money. So many people say that “it never operated properly from the day it was installed.” That doesn’t instill much confidence in ANY manufacturer’s these days, so at least if a model has been around for a bit, you can check out comments about it.
The other reason I’m hesitant about putting ‘brand new’ appliances in is because although I have ‘Full Replacement Value’ insurance, I recently discovered after a massive flood went through my property that ‘Full Value’ ends up being about 1/3rd of the original cost. I had an $8000 Lochinvar still in the crate in the basement waiting to be installed when the flood hit, so if they aren’t going to give me what I paid for something, I’m not going to spend money on new items. Patti