Aero water heater age

From Wikipedia.
Bradford White; 1st letter in the S/N is the year of manufacturer with A being 1964, 1984 or 2004 (They use a 20 year cycle) They skip the letters I, O, Q, R, U, V to make the full cycle. The second letter is the month A=January through M = December (I is left out)
Here’s my problem. The serial no is 0006R747
How do I make sense of this?


Bert, you sure that is the serial number?

It is in the box marked serial numero de serie (French and English. A Canadian thing)
The model is listed as CF-32A.

Aero is a Canadian brand. Most Canuck stuff goes by the first 4 #'s.

My guess is June, 2000.

I agree with Brian. June of 2000.

Thanks a lot. It makes sense that it doesn’t follow the pattern of Bradford White because in 2000 it had not bought Aero yet. Thanks again.

Maybe this will help you .

Below is a close up of the Bradford White rating plate. This is a 40 gallon electric water heater, model number MI40L6DS13, manufactured in June of 2002. It comes equipped with 4000 watt elements. Note the “Maximum Watts” at 4000, this means this tank was built to operate in the “Non-simultaneous” mode, meaning only one element will energize at a time (standard for residential water heaters). It is designed to operate with a maximum of 150 PSI water pressure, but was tested to 300 PSI at the factory for your safety (a Federal Standard!).

So with this in mind you water heater was built in 2000 during week 6 (February)

98th year 17th week just like the label says :wink: