temperature-pressure valve drips


My gas water heater Bradford white MI5036EN10 is only 8 years old. In the past week, it started to drip from TP valve a lot after shower. My temperature setting is just warm. It may stop dripping if there is no use for a long time.

Is the heater close to the end of it’s life? or the TP valve needs to be replaced?

Thanks for your advise!

Hello Lynn,

Yes, the TPR Valve needs to be replaced asap. Contact a qualified plumber to replace the valve and inspect the water heater for other problems. 8 years is getting up there, but may last for many more years. It all really depends on the overall condition of the unit.

Be safe… replace that valve asap!


Thanks Jeff. But the valve stops sometimes. Failed valve should always leak, right? I just read about expansion tank. Should I need one of that? But why it never drip in the past 8 years? I’m confused.

Is it easy to replace it myself? I had bad experience with “qualified plumber” before.
Is a worryfree (from PSE&G) technician good enough to perform this work?

Replacing a TPR Valve is usually easy if you are handy. The valves are inexpensive, so there is no reason not to replace it. A leak is a leak, no matter the size of the leak. Consider the drip as an early warning to a complete failure. You should also have the heater inspected, as well as the supply pressure, to determine why the valve is leaking to begin with. That will also answere your question concerning an expansion tank.

Read here: http://www.factsfacts.com/MyHomeRepair/PressureRelief.htm