Tempstar high efficiency PVC vent to exterior wall

Did an inspection today. Does anyone know if these exhaust and intake vents that terminate through a rear wall need any type of elbow 45 or 90, or any other attachment?. It seems that they are ripe for insects, birds, etc…to clog these vents. See photos. I have included another photo of the exhaust and intake of a house in the same neighborhood that has attachments installed…
Or maybe this could be what the manufacturer’s install instructions require?

In my opinion all are incorrect the first one should have a fitting installed and the last one the exhaust is to close to the intake

Since I use the Home Gauge program I just draw in the wire mesh inside on the exhaust vent. As for the air supply it is always turned down and less likely a problem with nesting.
I should also way I agree with Charley about the fitting missing and the exhaust too close to intake.

in the last pic i would hope they are 2 exhaust lines. maybe one for a powervent water heater and the other for a furnace/boiler. if its exhaust and fresh air they should be the same size. they should be at least 12" apart and the exhaust should vent straight out and the intake could terminate with a tee or a elbow. the way they are now it would just recycle exhaust resulting in poor combustion and effiency. the single ones should be cut at a 45’ angle or a 45’ elbow to help keep condensation from freezing and blocking exhaust

Manufacturer installation requirements rule for the most part, but at the least a screen should be present on the intake and the clearance between should be followed. I see some of these facing west with no fittings on the exhaust (straight pipe) and the exhaust pressure sensor is constantly restarting the unit during windy days. I’ve wondered if a tee or elbow would prevent that or if it is just the nature of the beast.

Here you are not allowed to install them on a corner for the very reason you are presenting. Turbulence will cause the flame to flicker.
Rule of thumb for me is 3 feet from a corner and no less.
This is according to the NRG.