Tennessee PSI does not include internachi?

I’m kind of freaking out. Internachi is listed on the official TN gov website as approved education, there was an official announcement in the forums that psi now lists internachi, but as you can see it is not listed. I have emailed internachi but it’s a Saturday, their phones were off so I assume I won’t hear back until Monday. Couldn’t find a contact for psi. I’m crunching this weekend and don’t need to be freaking out until Monday, hopefully someone here knows what to do. Or did I just get scammed?

Depends… did you wait until the last minute?

I mean scammed by internachi :stuck_out_tongue:

Joined one hour ago and think you got scammed :rofl::rofl:
Are you enjoying those free courses?

Oh no I just signed up for the forums. I’m 90% done. Halfway through plumbing then all I have left is electrical systems. I’m trying to schedule my nhie through psi and it doesn’t list internachi as a school. It has unknown (9999), but I’m afraid of being turned away if my school isn’t on their list? Or that it won’t count?

So you’re blaming Internachi for PSI’s incompetance?
Yeah, you’ll do well!

Considering that there’s a post where they claim to be listed under PSI, yeah, I could. Is it incompetence or false information? But thanks for the help, you’re really providing some good information.

Is there anyone here who can contribute?

Perhaps Bert will show up & even send you a flashlight for the hassle.

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I think you are fine, according to the TN website. Wait for PSI to call you back and tell you what to do.


Welcome to the Judgement Zone CJ.

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