Tennessee to drop home inspector licensing altogether


List of professions included in the bill: (Uh, oh, plumbers. Hide your sawzalls!)

(1) Accountants;

(2) Architects, engineers, landscape architects, and interior designers;

(3) Barbers;

(4) Cosmetologists;

(5) Funeral directors and embalmers;

(6) Contractors;

(7) Home inspectors;

(8) Plumbers;

(9) Home improvement contractors;

(10) Locksmiths;

(11) Real estate brokers;

(12) Land surveyors;

(13) Soil scientists;

(14) Auctioneers;

(15) Individuals engaged in the application of pesticides;

(16) Rental location agents;

(17) Private investigators;

(18) Polygraph examiners;

(19) Individuals engaged with fire protection sprinkler systems;

(20) Servicers of fire extinguishers and related equipment;

(21) Alarm contractors;

(22) Private protective services;

(23) Geologists;

(24) Tattoo artists;

(25) Body piercing artist;

(26) Real estate appraisers; and

(27) Professional employer organizations.

Where did this come from? Seems like a big step backwards

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Plumbers… Makes sense, why would you want the people who ensure your potable water is safe to drink be license?

What kind of plumbers that you have seen are using sawzalls🤔.

The UNQUALIFIED kind! :rofl: :rofl: :flushed:


Sawzall plumber:


I used to see a lot of that remodeling 50+ year-old homes where it was cast-iron pipe with threaded galvanized pipes. Notch the joists and lay the plumbing in place. I used to do that to the carpenters when doing track housing and guess what pretty soon they learn not to put floor joists under toilets, plumbing walls, or shower drains. I can’t see how that made it past a building inspector. This must have been a weekend Homer.

Lack of vent…weekend Homer. Three drains converging with no vent, dang!

I am for… people should always have a freedom to choose what’s best for them. Forcing licensing is protectionism at best.

These bills were both killed when legislators placed then in subcommittees