termite damage

Does anyone have any info on Thermo-ply and termites.
Home that was inspected 2 months ago started remodeling and found lots of old termite damage ( all not visable at the time of the inspection and I don’t do WDO’s) all that is left of this product is two sheets of alumimnum foil. From what I can tell it is basicly card board with foil on both sides. Any info would be nice

Google it - there is a bunch of information there

Does anyone have a good “found termite evidence” or “active mud tube” report comments? Just wondering if anyone has something that sounds good. :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:



Be careful what you wish for. If you state requires a termite inspection by licensed termite company, you may want to stay away from making those calls. Treat it like mold. Found suspect termite damge. Recommend inspection and treatment by a licensed termite company. Once you identify it as termites, you can now be construed as an expert and can be held as liable as a termite inspector.

Here you go
Possible evidence of wood destroying organisms noted ?. Refer to a termite inspection company for proper identification of any possible wood destroying organisms, any treatments and/or repairs needed.

Same goes for Dry rot instead call it wood deterioration. If you can get away with saying wood deterioration instead of wood destroying organisms, you are beter off.

I am a licensed termite inspector in california for 18+ years if you ever have any questions.



When I found the mud tubes, it was dark in the crawl (obviously :p) and I touched one. It broke and termites scurried out. Was this __ Bad __ Good or __Indifferent?


Bad. When I see mud tubes I leave them alone and refer to the termite inspection company.

Depending on the species…they might disappear for a couple of days if you startled them but they will be back and rebuild what you broke down.

I said bad for 2 reasons. Termites are present and you may have destroyed evidence the termite inspector could use. Or maybe not. It depends on how thorough he is, whether his company has a contract on the property, or how honest he is.