Termite Inspection Agreement?

Hello All… I just receintly became licensed for termite inspections here in NJ and wanted to know if anyone uses a inspection agreement, similar to a Pre-Inspection agreement for a home inspection. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!


In Florida there is no inspection agreement by the termite company. There is a specific form that is used, and it lists all of the disclaimers.

In my report I have specific language that states that all of the damage may not be found during the inspection, and a more destructive type inspection is needed to determine the exent of damage.


  1. Read the back of the WDI Report NPMA-33. That could serve as your agreement. If you are unsure, then consult your attorney about adding a clause to your inspection agreement. I just use the NPMA-33.

  2. You are not licensed to do termite inspections in NJ. No such animal. You are licensed as a pesticide applicator, big difference. Promote yourself as a licensed termite inspector and you will be attorney bait. NJPMA does offer a credentialed wood destroying insect inspector course that you might want to look into.

  3. Your website does not appear to contain your address nor your NJ HI license number, which is in violation of NJSA 13:40-15.18 “Advertising, identification of licensee”. Get your web provider to update your site right away, or one of your weasel competitors will drop a dime on you just to make your life miserable.

Hope this helps.


Jim, Thank you for all the great suggestions, especially about the website. I already have someone working on that. I thought the NPMA-33 could be used just by the verbage, but was not sure. Thanks Again… and I’ll be sure to keep the word licensed termite inspections out of my vocabulary.