Termite Inspections

How many of you are licensed to do your own termite inspections?

A lot of us. You might want to set up a poll.

Some states that license termite treatment companies do not license termite inspection companies.

In New York everyone purchasing a home is required to have a Wood Destroying Insect Inspection (form NPMA-33) performed if they are obtaining a loan. Most inspectors have trained, passed the required exam, and have been issued a NYS DEC Pesticide Technician License with a sub category 7C endorsement. Other inspectors use a third party service to perform the inspection.

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In my opinion, if you are not performing termite inspections you are leaving money sitting on the table. You need to collect it or somebody else will. It is nothing to gain at least another $15,000 performing termite inspections with home inspections.

James, ditto. I do termite inspections in Kansas, but do not perform termite treatments as to avoid conflicts of interest, same as I do radon testing, but not mitigation. Clients appreciate that once they understand reasons why.

I wish agents understood it. You should make at least $50 on each termite inspection, or include it in your fee; if you include it, of course, raise your fee.

In Calif. only the termite inspection company can do the chemical treatment.
The licensed inspector must make the ID before a chemical can be applied.
Calif. State Law.

Its best for the HI to do the termite inspection… Look at it this an HI will spend up to 3Hr on and inspection looking in and behind every little area going places 90% of pest inspector never go.

So the HI Doing the Termite inspection will find so much more for the client.



Thanks for all your comments and suggestions. Right now I am using a termite company for all my termite inspections. I do plan on getting my termite license to inspect soon, just wanted to hear other inspectors insight.

Yes, I think I will


NY does not REQUIRE those performing these inspections to be licensed as a technician or anything else by the DEC. In fact, neither does HUD, providing you had passed the State’s cert at one time. There are no special requirements for filling out the NPMA-33, as it is not a government-issued form.

Here in Washington most Home Inspectors are Licensed as Home Inspectors and Structural Pest Inspectors. I have been doing pest inspections as part of the home inspection for 6 years now.