Termite treatment for concrete block foundation

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What Species of Termite?

Different species of termite require different types of treatment.

For subterranian termites I highly recommend this www.termidorhome.com/ best on the market at this time.

Spray treatment for subterranean termites.

You need to check out www.termidorhome.com/ they have alot of info and it is a really good product. I used it with alot of success here in California.

If you have any questions you can contact me.

As a licensed WDI inspector as well as being licensed for the treatment of termites I can say that currently Termidor is a pretty good product for an outside soil treatment. Premise is also a good product but it is not labeled for outside soil treatments yet. Bayer is attempting to get the same label as Termidor. Meaning if Premise is used then a full blown conventional treatment is required. I have been in the termite business for 10 years and out of all the termiticides that are available to us today these 2 products win hands down in my opinion if your looking for a liquid treatment.

I need some articles on the proper way to treat concrete block foundations and houses with some outside concrete slabs against them. I been constantly running into a Exterminator that says it is not necessary to drill concrete when you spray. All the other Exterminators in my area says he is wrong. But they won’t come up with any written procedure. Thanks for the help so far.

It will depend on the Label of the chemical that is being used. Labels can be different for each state example the way Termidor can be applied in California can be different than in Ohio…Premise can be applied differently than Termidor…It all depends on the label…Find out what the exterminator is using and ask the chemical company for a label…Labels are not neccessarly the label on the bottle and they can be 2 to 6 pages long…Also it depends on where the termites are located…is it a full treatment or spot treat…What do State Regs require…I have been a lic. Termite inspector for over 20yrs. here in california and there can be a lot of variables…there can be different recs from different inspectors and so on.

So find out what he is using first and is he spot treating or performing a full treat.

I was also searching for some article on dry wood termites and i found this forum. Wondering if anyone has some good information on how to get rid of termites and is willing to share?

How does a pest control professional apply Termidor to my home?
A Termidor Certified Professional will apply a liquid dilution of Termidor along the foundation walls of your home to create a continuous treatment zone. The application method is called “trenching and rodding,” and may sometimes require drilling holes into the concrete foundation of your home for maximum protection. Your Termidor Certified Professional may also treat the interior of your home, depending on the extent of the termite infestation and damage.


Assuming WDI stands for Wood Destroying Inspects, are you not required to inspect for wood rot in your state?

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When it comes to Drywood Termites, my recommendation is to fumigate the entire structure. Do not screw around with them. Unless you are talking about a fence post, you need to do a full house fumigation with Vikane Gas.

Check out this link Corteva Agriscience™ | Global
or this one http://www.pestweb.com/pestinformation/index.cfm?groupid=39&pestid=98

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As other people have said, it all depends on the type of termite. I would definitely have your house inspected and get it treated by a termite control specialist.

Termites infest the new homes within a short amount of time after construction. The amount of termite damage to the home or buiding is indicative of the treatment and the cost.

Most termite damage is not noticeable until a full infestation is under way, which is why it’s always best to hire a pest control service to do a full termite inspection before buying or renting a new home. ( Click here )

Cost of termite treatment

Newly available, and not toxic to birds or aquatic life: DuPont Altriset.

Is the slab monolithic or stem wall (floating slab) construction?
Basement with masonry block walls or no basement?

State Licensed Termite Contractor #2446 :slight_smile:

My advice would be … “the home has signs of termite with no signs of treatment . Have a licensed WDI contractor treat as needed”.

After that its up to the client, realtor, seller or contractor to decide who does what to whom. The seller or contractor are the liable parties in case of a future problem.

What they chose is up to them. We got a pest company or 2 up here that advertise ANY size or type house they’ll treat for $399 (spot treatment)

I’m proud to say I was one of the very first ones to perform drywood termite spot treatments in 1985.
It turned the South Florida industry upside down for a while. :mrgreen:
This brochure is so old it was before the 3 number phone area codes.