Was this a structural repair? How do I report?

On a concrete block basement foundation wall, I saw drilled & sealed holes along the voids high on the wall (just below grade level) and there is a patio on the other side of the wall with slight grade away from property. The foundation seemed like it was in good shape, but I’m thinking this was done for structural reason and filled the voids with concrete? Does this have something to do with water intrusion? I didn’t notice bowing or cracking. This wasn’t on any other wall. Thanks for your help.

Nothing that looks structural in repairs to me.
Termite treatment possibly due to the patio on the exterior.?
Where are you located so you get responses locally?

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Perhaps but the holes should be lower & they’re spaced too far apart. :cowboy_hat_face:

I’m in New Jersey. Termite was the other option I was thinking, but thought it was weird they would drill through the wall rather than the concrete patio outside.

I do not think termite treatment. Probably brackets etc were fastened to the wall with spring type wing toggle bolts at one time. They leave a big hole and someone just patched them. Nothing to report.

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Not termite, not structural, then it must be wall anchorage of some sort like Joe said.

It could also be that the patio was being pinned with rebar to the block wall and they found that the block was not fully grouted so they filled those blocks.

I at first thought termite (but likely DIY if it was based on spacing). Suggested report wording something along the lines of:

Observed: holes in CMU filled with masonry in basement. No major defects/deficiencies regarding foundation noted at time of inspection, in Inspector’s opinion. Recommend: Obtain disclosure from Seller for any repairs/modifications.

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You could always recommend your client ask for sellers disclosure for why there are patches on one concrete block wall in basement and not any of the others. Do other parts of country have seller disclosure requirements on a home sale as we do here in Texas ?